about me

The owner of this blog is a frustrated:

matinee idol, rock band vocalist, basketball player, boxer, taekwondo master, theater actor, cartoon artist, civil engineer, dart and billiard player, baseball pitcher, wind surfer, bungee jumper, mountain hiker, scientist, astronomer, pilot, architect, archaeologist, treasure hunter, and painter.

He is also a trying hard:

financial planner, internet marketer, web developer, systems analyst, business manager, cook, search engine optimist, e-commerce guru, teacher, java programmer, adsenser, table tennis player, badminton player, swimmer, guitarist, singer, poet, story writer, photographer, book author, graphics designer, family driver and blogger.

He loves sweets, sour, salty and bitter foods (this is to practice his sense of taste for the four flavors in his tongue). In short, he loves to eat (“Then this should be a food blog or something! Duh!” –Green Stickman™).

He is also a Licensed Electronics and Communication Engineer, and a former DOST-SEI Scholar during his college days.

Green Stickman™ would like to personally thank my fellow DOST Scholar, Mr. Jehzeel Laurente (Blue Stickman) for hosting this blog.

Thank you to my wife and son for being my inspiration. Most of all, I thank God for all of my frustrations to keep my feet on the ground, for hard trials to test my perseverance, for all the blessings, sad and happy things that is happening in my life… To God be the Glory!