This is my answer to the blog post of the blogger “truthcaster” in First of all, how dare you to use the name “truthcaster” when the only thing you know and write are hear-says and lies?

It is also obvious that you are using this penname (truthcaster) just to distract the people that are searching for Bro. Eli Soriano because he is using this name in his official website as well (TRUTHCASTER).

Let me get this straight to the point.

In your blog post, you said this and I quote:

Eliseo Soriano, the fugitive defunct leader of the cult Ang Dating Daan is now a legal Brazilian resident and is apparently seeking Brazilian Citizenship, as reported by a Philippine based TV News magazine Case Unclosed. Since there is no extradition agreement between Brazil and the Philippines, Soriano can live a relatively free life, much like other fugitives who made Brazil their haven.

First of all, let me correct your accusations:
- Bro. Eli Soriano is NOT a FUGITIVE and NOT a DEFUNCT RELIGIOUS leader.
- Ang Dating Daan is NOT a CULT
- Bro. Eli is NOT living a so called “free life” in Brazil

Let me also add that your source, the TV News magazine Case Unclosed of Arnold Clavio in GMA 7 and QTV 11 was a BIASED program.


How come that Arnold Clavio and his crew shown this program without getting the answers or the side of Bro. Eli? (I believe there is a law violated by GMA-7 when they showed this TV segment of Case Unclosed). Maybe the simple answer is this: GMA-7 and QTV-11 are showing this program to increase the number of their tele-viewers. They are just using this strategy to keep their network ratings from going under other network competitors like ABS-CBN. Oh I see, I heard that GMA Network income drops 38%, this may be the reason why they are using Bro. Eli’s name.

Same strategy was applied by bloggers like “truthcaster” of The blogger is using Bro Eli Soriano’s name just to increase their website traffic… the higher the website traffic, the higher is their website’s revenue as well. But of course we should not negate the fact that the blogger is also a member of INCM. So, maybe the blogger made the article for personal reasons.


In the said BIASED program: Case Unclosed, they presented a man named
Daniel Veridiano. Daniel Veridiano claimed the following:

“It was my spiritual birthday. He summoned me and I went thinking he was going to give me a gift. As it turned out, that was the gift. The same thing he did to me the previous year.”

“It was in May of 2000 when he summoned me to his room. I was shocked at what followed. At that time I couldn’t resist his advances. There is a teaching in Ang Dating Daan which says the messenger of God does not commit sin, whatever he does to you is right and just. At that time, I was really terrified of him and there also is a teaching in Ang Dating Daan that one must do what Soriano tells him to do, at all times. Obey him, otherwise you’ll be cursed. Something really really bad will happen to you if you disobey this supposed messenger of God.”

Pure of lies, this wicked man charged Bro. Eli Soriano a rape case. It’s a NO BAIL case and the intention is very obvious: To eliminate Bro. Eli Soriano at all cause. Well that is not new at all. Before Bro. Eli Soriano left the country for good, he already received a death threat from the ministers of INC. Watch this:

A former member of Ang Dating Daan, Daniel Veridiano or “Puto” is currently a member of Felix Manalo’s INC or Iglesia Ni Cristo.

How ironic that this man/gay filed a rape case against Bro. Eli where in fact, he raped several teens inside the Church of God International. Watch his actual confessions here:

Why do the boys/teens did not come out? They were afraid because Daniel Veridiano always say that he will include their names in the list of suspended members in the church (For the reason that he was previously assigned to that work, the “typist” of circulars for the list of suspended members).

Not only that this wicked man raped several teens, he even defalcate money from the church collections!

Ang Dating Daan members tried to file a case against this wicked man, but because the government is influenced by Manalo’s INC, most of the complaints are dismissed. And unsurprisingly, they filed a case in return to make all things covered up.

Daniel “Puto” Veridiano was a rapist! And he filed a case (that supposed to be his) for the crime that he actually did to other people.

Even the court dismissed the case of Bro. Eli because there is no material that can support the allegation. In short, there is no evidence! But again, unsurprisingly, the secretary of Department of Justice (or should I say INjustice?), Raul Gonzales who happens to be under the influence of the INC(maybe he’s an INCM member), made the said dismissed case to be alive again. A perfect example of a perfect injustice indeed! :(


Arnold Clavio was the one who interviewed Daniel Veridiano or “Puto”.
I just want to inform you, that the person you interviewed is the rapist of more than 18 teen members inside the Church of God International. You should investigate about that as well to be fair and square. I guess you should make another segment of Case Unclosed about that and how he (Daniel Veridiano) use somebody’s credit card to buy a “vibrator” (a sex toy) in Singapore and other luxurious items.

You said that you and your crew tried to contact Bro. Eli Soriano right? If you really want to try to reach Bro. Eli Soriano, you definitely can. You can ask him in front of all the brethren every Saturdays in ADD Convention Center in Apalit Pampanga. You can ask everything there LIVE.

Be fair in broadcasting. You and Kuya Daniel Razon was in the same show before right? Why don’t you ask him personally as well? Are there any insecurities? Kuya Daniel Razon is very much approachable.

If you really wants to expose the truth, you should have get Bro Eli’s side before showing your “biased” segment. But then, the damaged has been done. You already played it on air and now some uploaded it in Youtube as well.


This case is not UNclosed as Mr. Clavio is showing in his biased show. Actually, the said case was already closed by the provincial court itself a long time ago. It just happens that the secretary of Department of (IN)Justice was under the influence of a religious body that manipulates the government to re-open the already closed case. From here you can clearly see the power and the influence of that religious entity in the Philippine government. Causing a corrupted government system indeed!

“The Lord rebuke thee…” (Jude 1:9)

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