Today I have accomplished 2 important documents. My non-professional Driver’s License from LTO and my Final Clearance with DOST-SEI.(To know how to get the Final Clearance, click here)

Regarding my Driver’s License, I actually have a temporary non-pro license since October 2008 subject for ID production. My temporary license was already expired last March 2009. After 5 months (since I usually commute when going on some other places… And I do not have a car actually…hehehe) I suddenly remembered that I have to apply for a permanent license ID.

So I went to LTO at around 10 ‘o clock in the morning to apply for my ID. I spent 2 hours just to wait for my license. Not bad though as compared for the first time I get my temporary license. It is faster than I expected.

In the afternoon, I went to the DOST regional office in Pampanga. I am so happy that I already have my clearances. Now I can go abroad (Whether business or leisure, I do not know…the important thing is I do not have to apply for a temporary clearance over and over again) since I have already paid the equivalent years of stay by working my 5 year service obligation in our mother country! (yay! clap!clap!clap!)

At last my name can now be remove in the blocked listed names (yes, it seems like we are also criminals that cannot go outside the country) in Bureau of Immigration, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), and National Bureau of Investigation(NBI).

Message for my fellow DOST-SEI Scholars:

There will only be 2 documents for the FINAL Clearance unlike the temporary clearances (which are 3 papers addressed on each Department mentioned above). One is a Letter addressed to the Commissioner of Bureau of Immigration in Manila and the other is the Certification addressed to NBI, DFA and BoI signed by the DOST-SEI Undersecretary and Officer In-Charge(In my Certification, it’s Mr. Fortunato dela Pena).

Later I will post my scanned documents here so that you can see the sample of the FINAL CLEARANCE.

I hope this post helps somehow, specially to my fellow DOST-SEI Scholars.

Thanks for reading my post!

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