Last time I made a post about How to Add a Facebook Like BOX in your website. Now I am going to teach you how to add a Facebook Like Button for each article or post in your blog.

Facebook Like Button

The facebook like button is a facebook plugin that you can see at the top left of every post or article in this site. There are some options in displaying this facebook plugin. There are three layouts available for the button. The standard type, the button count, and lastly, the box count (this is the layout that I am using!).

facebook like button layouts option

Aside from these, you can also change the text inside the box. You can select between: “LIKE” or “RECOMMEND”. For me, I always want to make a quality post so that I can recommend my site link to other sites. And so I preferred to use the word “RECOMMEND”. It will depend upon your taste and on the layout of your site.

facebook like button text options

You can also choose from different types of fonts for the text inside the facebook like button. These are: arial, lucida grande, segoe ui, tahoma, trebuchet ms, and verdana (this is the font that I am using!)

Facebook Like Button Fonts

How to add the Facebook Like Box

If you want to make a like button in your post, you have to go in this link

In that link, you will see a text field or text box for the URL. Of course while making your post(like this one!), you do not have a proper URL yet because your post is not yet published. In order to get the desired URL of your post, you have to publish first your post. (I actually published an unfinish post! Whew! Do not imitate my style! It’s wrong actually. Hehehe… You have to complete the content before you publish your post!)

When the post is published, view the post and copy the URL from the address bar.
copy the URL of your post

When you are satisfied with the looks(layout, text, font, etc.) of your facebook like button, press the “Get Code” button.
copy and paste the facebook like button plugin code
Copy the iframe like button plugin code. Then go back to your admin and edit your post. Paste this facebook like button plugin code at the beginning of your post and Viola! You now have successfully added your own facebook like button on your blog site. :)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to post a comment at the end of this post. :)

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