The Green Stickman™ is now selling Crossfire, Counter Strike and World of Warcraft (DoTA) Weapon Key Chains!

The regular or mall price of these items are 130 Pesos each but I am selling it for only 110 Pesos per piece! And it is not a “second hand”, it’s all BRAND NEW!!!

Here are some of samples of Weapon Keychains from CROSSFIRE and COUNTER STRIKE:
Knives and Pistols Weapon Keychains

Carbine and AK-47 Weapon Keychains

Rifles weapon keychains

And Here are some of samples of Weapon Keychains from WORLD OF WARCRAFT (DoTA):
WoW Ax and Sword Weapon Keychain

WoW Blade and Sword Weapon Keychain

And if you really are a collector or just want to RESELL, I will give a special discount for those who will buy 10 pieces or more.

For those who will buy 10 to 19 pcs. I can give it to you for only 100 Pesos per piece!

For 20 pieces and more, I can give it to you for 95 Pesos per piece!

Collect these weapon key chains now!

These stuffs are good gift for gamers and online gaming addicts! :)

For orders, you can text me on the following contact number:

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