When I made the Version 2.0 of my site, one of the changes is the favicon in the URL bar. Have you seen the Green Stickman™ waving at you?

Favicons are useful when you want to make a very small image or should i say an icon for the address bar of your site. Do you want to make one for yourself?

Then you are in good luck because now I am giving this software for free. This is a small application image converter. Take a look at the interface:Image Icon Converter

This free icon converter is so easy to use!
How to use the Image Icon Converter
Just select the image from your folder and drag it inside the icon converter’s application box.

It will then automatically create the icon or favicon like in the image below:

Icon Produced by Image Icon Converter

This icon converter can convert images from PNG to ICO. But it can convert other file type like JPEG and GIF files as well.
If you want this software, just download it H E R E (only 942kB)

Before you install this software, please read the README.txt file inside the zipped folder along with the icon converter installer.

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