java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: DefaultQuartzConfig

Are you running grails and suddenly encountered this error? Well, I did. To fix this error, the first thing I did was I googled it but Dr. Google seems to have no answer for this query. Some people from known forums say that they manually pasted some groovy file to a folder. Some advised to reinstall grails. By doing all those suggestions, still they didn’t work for me. So here is something that worked for me. It might work for you too.

After all the trials and errors in solving this problem, I end up formulating my own solution. How? It’s simple. Let’s start to understand the problem.

What caused the error?


This folder above might be missing. This folder contains “conf/DefaultQuartzConfig.groovy” which the compiler is looking for.


I deleted this folder (“C:\Users\username\.grails\grails_version\projects\project_name\”) and tried to run my application. By running the application, it generated the same folder that I deleted and restored the missing folder which caused the error.

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