My sister has an Eczema so I do lots of research to help her. Until I found out that most skin diseases, especially eczema and psoriasis maybe a cause of Zinc Deficiency to a man’s body.

If you want to cure your eczema naturally, then this article post is for you. Do not trust any products like Zinc Supplements because those are just synthetic products. Claims of eczema patients said that they do not feel well after taking lots of it in a month or two.

The best source of organic, active and natural Zinc are OYSTERS. And yes, raw oysters, I believe is the best solution.

If you do not know what to do, here’s some instructions:
1.) Clean the Oyster shells
2.) Boil some water
3.) Put the oysters in a basin then put the boiling water.

This delicacy is best with vinegar with chopped onions, hot rice and a fried fish!

Warning: Do not eat this with empty stomach to avoid stomach ache. Eat some other dishes first if you feel very hungry just to put “something” in your stomach. And by the way, before buying some oysters, be sure that there is no RED TIDE in your place. :)

We have proven this “eczema cure” is effective. And of course, it will be best if eczema or psoriasis patients should have a proper diet (no meats, just eat fresh fruits and vegetables!) with oysters and maintain good body exercise!

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