I am sure you are one of those people out there who wants to make money online who type the same question on the Google Search box. I know, I know, you don’t want long explanations. All you want to know is if this is a scam or not.

Theoretically, the system that Neobux offers is a standard PTC (Paid to Click) scheme. Meaning, you will get paid for the ads that you click BUT on a very minimum rate ($0.001 only). Well, I believe it’s legal. It’s like clicking a Google Ads on a website. Through these clicks, the websites get their “wanted” traffic in return and will increase the number of their visits even if you do not read their ads. The advertisers really don’t care if you read their ads or not. All they want is web traffic.

Anyway, back to Neobux, you can click several ads in there. Unfortunately, if you are going to click it on whole day, you will only get maybe a maximum of $2 a day. If you will just compute for your internet bill and electric bill that you will use while clicking their ads, you will see that you are just fooling yourself and may fall on a conclusion that you are wasting time, money and effort. :(

That is why, Neobux offers additional “way” for its members to earn and that is thru “referrals”. Referrals simply mean that if you have members below you (you refer your friend for example), you will benefit and earn from the clicks that they will make in Neobux site as well. It’s like MLM or Multi-Level-Marketing. The one that really suffers are the people under you.

This scheme is ok if you continue to click the ads inside the site. But if your target is to get members below you than clicking the ads, then you are starting to make it a real-like networking SCAM.

I am not saying that Neobux is a total scam. But it will be if all the members are just looking for referrals instead of clicking the ads.

It’s like company that offers a product and gives BONUS for its employees for every referrals that they will make. The problem arises when employees of the company no longer sell the product itself, but otherwise just look for referrals to become a member below them.

Making Money Online is not INSTANT. It’s gradual. Do not believe stories like that they got rich in an instant. It’s just too good to be true. Always remember that there is NO easy money. Everything requires hard work.

Anyway, I myself registered in Neobux. If you want to become my down-line, be my guest and join Neobux with me by clicking here or the image below. :)

Oh I forgot to mention, you can only make referrals after 100 clicks of Ads in Neobux site. Meaning you can only start making referrals when you make $ 0.10 from your clicks. Also, do not invest your money in Neobux for account upgrade if you are not serious with it. Upgrade by the way offers increase the amount per click. Be sure you just get money from Neobux and they will not get any money from you. :)

Good luck!

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