First of all, I want to congratulate all the graduating students out there! Specially those who finished their college courses. And now, be prepared because you are going to face a new chapter in your life. And this is the real deal! This time, you won’t be asking for any “BAON” or allowances to your parents anymore because obviously they know that you don’t have to go to your school.

The number of unemployed persons will increase again, and the job hunting is getting harder for fresh graduates like you. But don’t worry, so long that you have the skills and knowledge to compete with other people who graduated the same course as yours, you can find the right job for you.

When I am conducting seminars to college students or when I talk to other fresh graduate people, I always say this: “In your first job, it’s not only the skills
you have to learn. The best thing to learn is WORK ETHICS“.

Why do you have to learn work ethics? Because your skills will be nothing if your attitude towards others is a trash. I know several persons who have good skills but do not know how to communicate with people well and do not have a discipline when it comes to work. These people don’t go well with others and finally fall to job “Termination” or “Forced Resignation”. Is it possible that you’ll get fired easily? It’s a resounding “Yes”. Specially if your behavior becomes a liability to the company. Do not boast that you have the skills, because it is easy to find a replacement. It is easy to find somebody who have the same skills that you have (or maybe “better”)and probably whose attitude is better than you.

If you will find your first time job several days or a month after your graduation day, then that I may say is a pure luck or maybe you have a very good credential, I guess. But if it happens that you cannot get a job after 3 months, don’t lose hope! I myself experienced it. I have my first job in Mitsumi Philippines in Mariveles, Bataan, 3 months after I took the E.c.E. Licensure Examination(Well that is 10 months after my graduation!Whew!).

Well anyway here are my tips or should I say “words of encouragement” for all the graduating students out there:

  • If you are a graduate of any technical course, it will be better to enroll on short courses offered by other bodies like MERALCO Foundation and UP-ittc. (I myself enrolled in this institutions.) Studying again? Yes. Trust me, and treat it as an intangible investment.
  • Do not be afraid to be rejected. Rejection is a part of Success.
  • Whether you like the company or not, go to the interview if they called you. It will make you prepare for other interview questions along the way
  • Do not pass your resume on the company you liked the most. Why? Because usually, companies offer a “fresh graduate” salary for fresh graduates like you. If you are a person that look at the first job as a “stepping stone”, then do this. Make your favorite company on the priority list after several years of working to other company.
  • If you pass lots of resume and do not receive any phone call, then one thing is for sure: there is something wrong with your resume! Revise your resume. You might have a wrong grammar in it. Seek an advice and let it be reviewed by other people so that you will see what is wrong in your curriculum vitae.
  • Be confident on your interviews but do not be arrogant.
  • Lastly, of course, do not forget to pray. Always pray and wish that you will get a job as soon as possible. Pray to have a good health so that you have the physical power to apply while you are in job hunting. Pray before any interviews and exam. Ask some wisdom so that you can answer all the exam and interview questions.

The competition is really tough. But as the saying goes: When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! When the situation becomes difficult, the strong will work harder to meet the challenge. Good luck and God bless on your job hunt! And again, CONGRATULATIONS!

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