I was a scholar of Department of Science and Technology (DOST) when I was in College. I passed the DOST-SEI Scholarship of Republic Act (RA) 7687 Merit “A” last March 04, 1998.

I am very grateful to be granted by that scholarship since I came from a poor family. We really do not know if I can finish my college because of financial problems.

I enjoyed the life of being a DOST scholar for 5 years since I took up an engineering course (Electronics and Communications Engineering). For 5 years, I have free tuition fees, book allowances, transportation allowances, Monthly allowance of PhP 2,000 (I have heard that they have adjusted the allowance to PhP 3,000 per month this year), with free trainings and seminars.

Sounds good right? Yes it was! But of course, there are consequences after we have signed the contract. And one of it is that  DOST scholars (like me) cannot leave the country after finishing college and  SHOULD serve the country for several years depending on how many years that you enjoyed the scholarship.

Since I enjoyed the scholarship for 5 years, I am obliged to serve and work the equivalent years in the Philippines. If the DOST scholar wants to work abroad, he or she should pay the remaining years plus 12% interest.

I do not want to pay with the 12% interest so I decided to work and stay here in the Philippines, and pay the necessary government taxes.

Last Friday (July 24, 2009), I went to the regional office to get the final clearance. I want to clear my bonding contract so that I can try my luck abroad as well.

For my co-scholars who want to get a FINAL CLEARANCE, the most important thing that you should have is the CoE or Certificate of Employment.

Please take note that the total number of years of working experiences should be equal to the number of years you enjoyed the scholarship.

In my case, I came from 3 companies. I worked in Mitsumi Philippines Inc. for 2 and a half years, 2 years in Samsung Electronics Philippines, and 7 months in Asiapay Payment Technology Corporation. Summing it all, I have more than 5 years of working experiences.

Aside from the Certificate of Employment, you also have to fill up the DOST-SEI SCHOLAR GRADUATES TRACER (TRacking Actual Career Experience Report) form.

And you should make a request letter to the DOST main office in Bicutan. The request letter can be a hand written letter.


  1. Certificate of Employment
  2. DOST-SEI Scholar Graduates TRACER form
  3. Letter of Request

As for the letter of request, do not make a novel! Make it as simple as possible. When I made a hand written letter, I made the following:

Dear Madam,

May I request your good office for my final clearance with DOST-SEI.

Hoping for your very  kind consideration. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Gayward S. Mendoza, E.c.E.

I will make another blog when I receive the Clearances from the main office.

Well that’s it! I hope this article helps you especially for those who plan to work abroad or wants to migrate somewhere else.

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