I typed the keyword: “Eliseo Soriano Exposed” and “Eli Soriano Exposed” in Google search engine and I am not surprised that there are lots of false article about Bro. Eli Soriano. I want my article to be on top of others so that when people type this keyword, they will read the truth and not the invented articles by other religious organization.

The life of Bro. Eli Soriano is not kept in a secret place. It is indeed exposed to anyone so that everyone can do their own assessments about his being. Unlike other preachers (which I believe false prophets) like Manalo and Quiboloy whom you cannot ask a verse to enlighten your life, Bro. Eli Soriano is constantly doing his Bible Expositions making him accessible to public or better say to the whole world.

Yes, Bro. Eli is exposed! He’s exposed not only on his Bible Expositions but also on many of his charities and good works. Along with Bro. Daniel Razon and all the Members of Church of God International, they launched many public services like FREE MEDICAL MISSIONS, FREE LEGAL CONSULTATIONS, FREE High School and College Scholarships (in La Verdad Christian School), FREE Transient Home for homeless Filipinos (Quezon City and Apalit Pampanga), FREE Bus and Jeep Rides (All over the country), Home for the Aged, and a lot more.

To all other website who is currently top on Google ranks(using Eliseo Soriano Exposed as keyword), here are my answers:

To jesus-is-savior.com

You are saying that Bro. Eli Soriano is a false prophet but all of the contents in the web site are just lies. The article is too long and too tiring to read (and too impertinent), so I will just answer the author’s stupid conclusion. I will answer and correct all the wrong sentences and statements made by this stupid born-again author/pastor:

  1. First of all, Bro Eli Soriano is not an imposter. If you want we can set a debate so that we can see who’s the real impostor between you and Bro. Eli.
  2. The group Members Church of God International is not a cult. Cult means a religious organization that has a false belief. There is no single false belief of this organization. By the way let me give you an example of false belief: “Salvation is by faith alone in the Person of Jesus Christ” (It is not Biblical. There are people saved not by faith alone. 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ preached the gospel, and along with that timeline, Ifugaos are already doing the rice terraces in the Philippines. Don’t tell me that all of these Ifugaos can be save by faith. How can they have faith if they haven’t heard any of Christ’s doctrines?)
  3. Bro. Eli Soriano does not teach about “second coming”. Second coming is just an invented doctrine of many “born-again” pastors and not biblical.
  4. Bro Eli Soriano did not deny the Godhead as you say. You are mislead.
  5. Excuse me? Filipinos are not ignorant of the Bible! How dare you. Let us set a debate between your leader and Bro. Eli and let us see who is ignorant. :)

All of the contents of your foolish web page does not tell any truth about Christ’s doctrines that Bro. Eli preaches. In the Philippines, there are born again pastors that tried to debate with Brother Eli and lost. Maybe it’s your turn to set a debate with him and prove that all the teachings that you preach is true. :)

To elisorianoexposed.wordpress.com

I have read your article about A Fugitive Preacher. Funny article since the author is too obvious… Oh well, guess who??? It’s Daniel “Puto” Veridiano. You even put a website? Ok, the website is made intentionally to defame Bro. Eli huh. :)

For the readers who did not know the story of this man, he’s the one who filed the “RAPE CASE” of Bro Eli. The case was dismissed in City of San Fernando Pampanga since there is no enough proof that he really was raped.

A former member of Ang Dating Daan, Daniel Veridiano or “Puto” is currently a member of Felix Manalo’s INC or Iglesia Ni Cristo.

How ironic that this man/gay filed a rape case against Bro. Eli where in fact, he raped several teens inside the Members of Church of God International. Watch his actual confessions here:

Why do the boys/teens did not come out? They were afraid because Daniel Veridiano always say that he will include their names in the list of suspended members in the church (For the reason that he was previously assigned to that work, the “typist” of circulars for the list of suspended members).

Not only that this wicked man raped several teens, he even defalcate money from the church collections!

Ang Dating Daan members tried to file a case against this wicked man, but because the government is influenced by Manalo’s INC, most of the complaints are dismissed. And unsurprisingly, they filed a case in return to make all things covered up.

Daniel “Puto” Veridiano was a rapist! And he filed a case (that supposed to be his) for the crime that he actually did to other people.

Even the court dismissed the case of Bro. Eli because there is no material that can support the allegation. In short, there is no evidence! But again, unsurprisingly, the secretary of Department of Justice (or should I say INjustice?), Raul Gonzales who happens to be under the influence of the INC(maybe he’s an INCM member), made the said dismissed case to be alive again. A perfect example of a perfect injustice indeed! :(

Daniel Veridiano is a rapist of more than 18 teen members inside the Church of God International. He also (Daniel Veridiano) used somebody’s credit card to buy a “vibrator” (a sex toy) in Singapore and other luxurious items.

So are you telling me to believe your story? Excuse me! Sorry but you cannot have my trust.

To bradputs.blogspot.com

Well well, I just seen this recently… “bradputs” means “bro. Puto” (but I do not want to call you brother of course!). The alias of Daniel “Puto” Veridiano. He’s the same man and owner of the blog “elisorianoexposed.wordpress.com” that I mentioned above. I already told about this wicked man… so I rest my case. :)

“…May The Lord rebuke thee.” (Jude 1:9)

Bro. Eli Soriano is not a fugitive and not a false prophet. Check the doctrines that he preach and you will see that he is telling the truth and the real Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You can check his blogs and articles on esoriano.wordpress.com.

Watch his live stream on www.truthcaster.com

And watch all the webcast and bible expositions on www.theoldpath.tv

Like Bro. Eli, we are not afraid to expose the truth.
To God be the Glory!

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