You want to purchase online but you don’t have any PayPal Account or any credit card? Read this, it’s for you.

The use of credit card makes our payments easier of course. But with many cases of hacked accounts, most of us Pinoys are very hesitant and afraid to use credit cards when paying online.

An option that we can use to enjoy the convenience of paying online air tickets, apps from Google Play, etc. is to have a PREPAID Credit Card.

Yes, you heard it right. In the Philippines, there are “RELOADABLE” credit cards that you can use to pay online. The credit limit depends on the fund that you put in the card.

There are EON Card of Union Bank,

SMART Money powered by BDO (for SMART mobile subscribers)

and ePREPAID Card of BPI (There are other bank products, but these are the cards I have tried)

With these cards, you can LINK it and make a PAYPAL ACCOUNT.
I have used these cards actually. Among these 3, I found convenience in using BPI since I can link it to my existing BPI Express Online account. I can check it and reload it anytime I want.

There are 4 Great advantages of using these “reloadable” credit cards:

  1. It can limit your CREDIT and DISCIPLINE you with your credit limit. Essentially you can only spend what you have, keeping you away from credit card debts.
  2. SAFETY. If in case your card has been hacked or compromised, simply transfer the funds back to your savings account.
  3. Pay online anytime. Just put funds on it, and you are ready to go.
  4. And if you are planning to be an INFO-preneur (Information Entrepreneur) that uses online payments a lot like me, you will definitely need this so you can collect payments from your clients or customers in your sales page. Do you see the BUY BUTTON below? Try to click it and you will see what I mean.

    This button is made from PAYPAL. I use PAYPAL to collect payments from my sites. If you want to have a Paypal account, one requirement is to have your own credit card. Good thing that we can now easily have these “prepaid” credit cards and link it to your own Paypal account.

There are lots of things that you can buy in the internet. So be a wise spender and buy only what you need okay? :)

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