I was totally freaked-out yesterday when I cannot access my site’s page. I have just finished writing an article about “Energy Saving Tips” when suddenly my site was down.

I immediately contact Jehz and ask what happened to Dreamhost. He then told me that there is a problem with the green lantern. The issue can be read on the following link:  http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2009/07/14/lights-out-on-greenlantern/

After several hours of waiting, they have finally resolved the issue. But some of the subscribers are not happy and complained that the restoration that has been made started at June 10, 2009.  Data after June 10 was lost.

Lesson learned? Always conduct some back-up for your database. If you are using WordPress like I do, there is a plugin that you can use to backup your database. The plugin is called : WordPress Database Backup. See the image below:

The Plugin offers several back-up options.

You can back-up your file on your server or even download it to your computer.

Aside from these, you can perform a scheduled backup like the image shown below:

You can conduct scheduled backup and automatically send the backup file in your e-mail. You can select from few options like Once Hourly, Twice Daily, Once Daily, or Once Weekly.

I hope this article helps you. Whether you are using WordPress or some other else that uses a database, do not forget to always secure a backup.

What are you waiting for? Perform a database backup now!

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