I looked for this building when I joined the KBP POP Music Festival. The KBP (Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas) office is located at the 6th floor of this building.

How to go here? From MRT Buendia Station, you can ride a bus with signboards: AYALA Leveriza

Then tell the bus-conductor “Ayala” or “Herrera” (The fare is around 11 pesos for air conditioned bus and 9 pesos for non-air conditioned bus).  You are near when you see the HSBC Building in the left (other side of the street) and the Ninoy Aquino Statue (with 2 “bodyguard” holding him :) ) on the right.

When you go off the bus, walk towards the Ninoy Aquino Monument and go down on the “subway”, then turn right (yes, you have to cross the street), then turn left and ride the escalator.

When you go up, you will see the HSBC Building in front of you. Walk along Paseo de Roxas. You will then cross 2 streets. First you have to cross the Dela Costa Street, then Nieva Street and in the third, you will see the Perea Street.
When you see the Perea Street, turn left (There’s no other way!), the second or third building is the LTA Building.

When you want to go back in the MRT Station, you can just walk again in front of HSBC Building. The bus stop is just in front of it. You can ride there.

That’s it! Good luck!

NOTE: If you have any route to suggest, feel free to post a comment! It is very much appreciated.

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