In order to format SAGEM EFT930S POS, you should have the following installed in your PC:

To format SAGEM EFT930S POS Terminal we have to do the following:

  1. Restart the terminal by pressing the correction button (yellow button) and “.” button simultaneously
  2. Press the F1 Button. When the asterisk (*) symbol appeared on the screen, then press F4, F2, and F3 (There should be 4 asterisks that would be displayed on screen)
  3. These asterisks will then be changed to letters LLT
  4. Using the LLT application, connect the terminal in your test PC
  5. In the terminal’s view, select all the files and “Delete” these files (LLT will prompt you that some other files cannot be deleted.)

  6. In your computer’s view (center view of LLT), look inside the folder where you installed the Telium SDK (In my case it is in C:\Program Files\SDK30\TDS 6.5.3\. Then go to Component\OS folder. From there you will see several m31 files. If you the terminal is for MOCK-UP, upload the EFT930_DIR_MOCKUP.M31 and if it is for production, upload the file EFT930_DIR_PROD.M31
  7. When uploading is finished, “Disconnect” the terminal. The terminal will reboot and returns to LLT mode
  8. “Connect” the terminal again, but this time, look for the \Component\Manager folder. In this folder, there are 4 flavors to choose from: EFT930_export_PROD.M31, EFT930_health_PROD.M31,EFT930_interne_PROD.M31, and EFT930_spain_PROD.M31. In our case, we usually select interne or export. Upload the selected telium manager by dragging the file.
  9. Disconnect the terminal. When the terminal reboots, it will ask for several parameters (if the application will be using GPRS radio, do not forget to select GPRS to AUTO and fill up the APN)
  10. When loading of manager is finished, the terminal will reboot again but this time the words “LOAD APPLICATION” will be displayed on screen
  11. Before loading the your application, do not forget to upload the FTP (\Component\DLL_FTP), Fonts (\Component\Fonts),and Link Layer (\Component\LinkLayer\WithIP),

That’s it! The SAGEM EFT930s is formatted successfully! :D

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