Have you ever heard of the saying: “Even a DEAD CAT will BOUNCE if dropped high enough”?

A ‘Dead Cat Bounce’ is the term traders used to define a short-lived recovery from a falling security.
Naalala nyo ba ito bago mag-March 2016, ng biglang bumagsak ang price ng PLDT (TEL)?
After the bounce, it continued to fall all the way down to 1614!

Any price that falls lalu na kung mataas ang pinanggalingan will most likely bounce. How high is the bounce? Well, nobody can tell. But definitely, the bounce will not easily go back from the price where it came from.

The important thing to learn here is how to know the price where it will bounce. Let me show you one of my recommendations in IGAN Stocks Reco Mula Kay Green Stickman. This is LRW:

How did I know that it will bounce on that price? There are actually ways on how to predict the bounce price. Like for example the use of Fibonacci Retracement tool.

So anong lesson para sa “Deadly Dead Cat Bounce” na ito? There are 4 important lessons that I want to share to you:

  1. Don’t chase the price. Remember, hindi lang sa BULL Trap ka pwede maipit. Kung mali ang salo o pasok mo sa pabagsak na stocks, malamang mai-ipit ka din kapag dumiretso pababa ang presyo ng binili mo.
  2. Do not average down at huwag kang umasa na tatalbog ang presyo pabalik sa itaas especially if the price position is on bearish trend.
  3. If ever na mag-bounce, do not hold the stocks in your portfolio and always sell that bounce.
  4. Kung nakabili ka sa pinaka-itaas na price, do not hesitate to cut your losses. If ayaw mo mag-cut loss, magiging long term investment yan for sure. And most likely matutulog ng matagal ang pera mo. :)

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