I have a story to tell. This is all about my student, and in this story, we’ll call him “L”. Hindi si “L” ng anime na ‘Death Note’ ha. :D
Anyways, this student of mine took the mentorship program in the mid of December 2015 and finishing it until now (since busy pa rin siya sa work and planning to resign this year [2016]).

“L” is a very hardworking guy. He’s an OFW in KSA. Before he joined my program he has a “realized loss” of 100 thousand pesos in his stocks portfolio. As he confessed, he was hyped by a certain FB group that always post stocks recommendations. So he just bought stocks that he was told to buy on that group. “Upuan niyo lang… sit back and relax…”

Until one day he found himself tired of buying without knowing the reason why is he buying such stocks. And apparently, he found himself stuck with his lost.

“L” is also an avid reader of Green Stickman and bought my book “Green Stickman - The BLOG Compilation“. Paalis na siya at pabalik ng abroad ng ma-receive ang book na ini-order niya, so he just read it on his travel. Then he found my ad at the end of the book that I conduct a mentorship program for stocks trading. After a short while, he contacted me again in Facebook and asked me if I can teach him how to hunt stocks correctly.

He willingly showed his port to me, and look at his lost below, he has an unrealized loss of 46,662 pesos in his port that time.

So we made a pact na tuturuan ko siya. I have seen the passion of the guy. He’s very passionate and really wants to quit being an OFW.

“Is it possible (na umuwi na lang ako ng Pinas for good)? And doable?” he asked.

I answered: “If you’re not lazy reading charts, yes it is possible and very much doable.”

The date of the port above was January 3, 2016. I told him to cut loss as much as possible because mas malaki ang magiging loss niya if hindi niya ito gagawin. From 320k, his port was reduced and became 240k. From here, nagsimula siya ng “FRESH START”. It’s like a PORTFOLIO RESET for him. Kung baga sa “bautismo” kung saan nagiging “bagong tao” ang isang Kristiano, yung port niya ay parang na-reborn din.

So “L” tried his best and do a lot of “perfect” practice every time there is an opportunity. He never missed my recommendation samples. If he did not buy it in actual, he make sure to observe and do a “paper” trade on the stock (paper trade means, observing the stock as if he bought it on that day. Oh well, like him, you can also do practice trade on Investagrams).

His first trophy was TFHI. He was very happy informing me that it is the first time that he has gained that much. In the port above dated at January 27, 2016., his gain was 16,230 pesos, or 38.37% more for this trade. If I am not mistaken, he gained more than 40% in TFHI.

Then followed by DD. Then there’s DAVIN. PXP. PLC… etc.

“L” said: “I never thought that this is really possible. Thanks a lot and thanks be to God! Now my stocks tradings have a direction.”

I felt happy and smiled while chatting back my answers. At the back of my head, I said to myself: “I am thanking God that this guy is praising God because of what he have learned and gained.”

I always tell my students to stay vigilant and be hard working when studying their charts. And I told them, to never thank me for their gains dahil sila naman ang naghirap noon. It is them who made the effort to win with their trades. And if there is somebody to thank, it should be our God who gives the opportunity.

Last April 25, 2016, “L” chatted me. And praised God once again. Despite of the bloody and bearish market, he has a gain of 87,000 pesos for that day. I congratulated him. The next day, he sent me his portfolio. Here’s the screen shot:

“L” never added a single cent in his portfolio since we began.

Few months ago when he entered my program, we basically started at 240k in his port. In the port below dated on April 26, 2016, his port had more than half a million (554,400 Pesos).
This guy keeps learning new things and gets better and better. I am pretty sure that his portfolio has a greater value now (June 30, 2016).


Kung binasa ninyo yung usapan namin sa itaas, hindi madali para kay “L” ang mag-chart, dahil bukod sa “COLOR BLIND” po siya, meron din siyang mild dyslexia. Galing di ba? I will always be proud of this student of mine. Bukod sa napakasipag ay marunong din tumanaw ng utang na loob.

I hope his story inspired you as well! :)

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Oh yeah, if in case you are interested to be my student gaya ni “L”, just contact me in my e-mail: greenstickman.official@gmail.com.

Happy investing and trading! :)

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